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  • When a little boy touches a hot burner, Grandma’s Water-Jel makes it all better.
  • A hot cheese sauce burn is no match for Water-Jel’s quick cooling and pain relief.
  • Water-Jel comes to the rescue when a mom spills hot grease on her foot.

Consumers Are Talking, Too

On Saturday I cooked and hosted a baby shower for over 50 people. Just before the guest arrived, I was taking a tray out of the industrial oven with the stainless steel door. I missed the handle and closed it with my finger tips on my right hand !  ( talk about little twinkle stars !! )  Thank God I had always carried Water-Jel in my purse. I opened a package and poured it in the palm of my hand and put the burned tips in the puddle of burn jel. Within 20 minutes the intense pain stopped. I have no blisters, not any real sign that I was ever burnt at all !  Just a little sensitive but that's it !  Saved my day, finger tips and I had a great Baby shower !!  No purse should be without it !!!  Thank You !

Mary LoParco
Northern Safety Company
Frankfort, New York




"I have used Water-Jel to soothe burns on all three of my children. We've had curling iron burns, hot-roller burns, cooking burns and candle wax burns. Recently, my husband was cooking on the grill and burned his hand on a metal skewer. He was complaining about how much it hurt. Within a few minutes of applying Water-Jel, he told me it felt much better.

"I just wanted to let you know what a great product Water-Jel is. It has dried many tears of my children. Thank you for making such a super, effective product."

Mary Joe, Terry, Rachel, Rebekah & Austin Elrod
Louisville, KY




"A short while ago, I received a serious burn working aboard a ship. I got a steam burn as I was working on a large boiler in the engine room. I was wrapped in Water-Jel blankets and rushed to the local hospital. The blankets did everything your product promised they would—cooled my skin and helped prevent infection. I believe your product prevented me from going into shock. I want this for an in-home first aid/burn kit."

Michael T. O'Brien
Windham, ME




"I am not in the habit of writing to manufacturers, but I had to in this case. The other night, I had used an alcohol-based substance on my hands and went to light a cigarette before it was completely dry ... and whoa, both hands were in flames. I foolishly tried to shake off the excess of the substance, which of course didn’t work, and I felt like I couldn’t wipe it on my shirt because it might ignite it. Fortunately, I had a glass of iced tea nearby, and jammed my hands in that. My friend took me to the sink and ran cool water over my hands but that gave absolutely no relief at all. My hands burned and stung and hurt so bad, even a double dose of pain medication of a narcotic didn’t help...
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"We sent a friend to the local CVS for ’something’ to help my poor hands, and your Burn Jel Plus was what was bought.

"I can’t begin to tell you the instant relief I felt. My hands felt no pain whatsoever each time I applied your product. We all have heard of the famous pain scale when you go to the doctor ... ’Please rate your pain on a scale from 1 to 10 with 10 being the worst.’ I went from a pain level (9) to about a (1) in a matter of seconds. I am not exaggerating. In fact, I was so pleased after using it, I made sure our first aid kits at the homeless shelter I work at will use this product for the kitchen where we cook 1,000 hot meals a day for the area homeless.

"I can see why many EMTs use the first aid Burn Jel Plus; I did feel pretty good. I truly believe that the use of your product kept my hands from blistering completely ... I was left with only two small blisters and soreness in the web area of my fingers.

"This a fantastic product. I have already shared the incident with all my friends and family, and they all agree that I was very lucky that your product was picked off the shelf. It is on my shelf now and my friends’ shelves and at my workplace. All I can say is thank you."
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Lois Cross
Hollywood, FL




All day yesterday I was power washing a deck and patio. Well, I wasn't paying close attention and I placed my hand and weight directly on top of the extremely hot muffler palm down. It was like leaning on a hot stove that had been on high for quite a while. I immediately went inthe house and ran cold water on my left hand. I then got a bowl of water and put ice on it. The skin was bubbling up so I knew it was a second degree burn. Very very painful.

I had my fiance go to Walgreens to talk to the pharmacist about something over the counter that I could use. She returned with your product. My hand felt as if it was on fire. I read the directions carefully and applied the product liberally as instructed. I knew a burn this severe could be very painful for days on end. I felt I may need to go to the emergency room for medical attention but I was afraid I couldn't handle the pain till I got there and the likely long wait. After about 4 hours of this treatment at home the pain seemed to be easing some. I thought maybe it was something in the gel that was giving me some temporary relief. I went to bed last night with a liberal dose on my hand. I was able to sleep well during the night with very minor occcasional discomfort. I awoke this morning with absolutely no pain at all. You can still see the imprint / design of the muffler on my hand and a lot of redness but I had no pain issue at all. It is a tiny bit tender but it certainly isn't painful. Your product is an amazing wonder drug. I will be singing your praises to anyone that will listen. Thank you so very much for developing such an incredible product. I may actually have a scar for life from this burn but thepain was very short lived. I owe you a sincere debt of gratitude.

Gary Lowry
Bartlett, Tennessee



I am a Registered Nurse, and in the early 1990's, I was the Industrial Nurse at a food processing plant. I purchased and used Water-jel dressings for some of the burn injuries that I treated in the Plant's Medical/Emergency Department. I was amazed at how well they worked by decreasing the severity of the burn, and also by decreasing the pain felt from the burn. I was so impressed that I purchased some of the small dressings to have on hand at home, and put them away in a first-aid drawer in my kitchen. Over the years, I forgot they were there, because thankfully, I never had an occasion to use them, until this past week-end.

My oldest daughter came to visit, and was taking a hot dish out of the oven. The dish slipped and the piping hot food splashed across her hand, causing a very painful burn. Thankfully, I remembered the Water-Jel dressings I had in the drawer, and I'm so glad I did! I quickly tore a package open, applied it to her hand, and left the dressing on for close to an hour. Not only did it give her instant cooling relief, but the burn didn't even blister!! I was utterly amazed!  As hot as the dish was, I would have expected a second degree burn!!  After 20+ yrs, and an expired shelf life, the Water-Jel dressing still worked its magic.

Thank you for a truly amazing product!!!

DaNelle M, RN
Augusta,  Georgia



I am a former US Marine living in the great state of Arizona. While we were In Afghanistan in '09, we became accustomed to carrying our IFAK (Individual First Aid Kit) everywhere we went. I took this habit home with me, and I'm glad I did. A week ago, I was riding my dirt-bike off-road when I experienced a crash. I ended up with feet elevated, my head down an incline, and my legs pinned under my bike. While trying to squirm out from underneath the bike, my leg sustained 2nd degree burns from the searing-hot muffler. It was extremely painful.

Thankfully, I had my IFAK with me- and in it, was one of your WATER-JEL burn dressings. After finally getting my legs free, I was able to immediately soothe the pain. I mean IMMEDIATELY! All the pain subsided instantly, and I am very impressed by your product. After dressing the wound, I was able to ride back to the safety of my home. I will wholeheartedly recommend your products to anyone, any day. Although my case was minor, I can attest personally that your products are absolutely kick-ass!  Keep up the Good Work!

J L -   Yuma, AZ
Former United States Marine & Combat Veteran



"Since I have always had chronic back pain from a whiplash car accident over 20 years ago, I couldn’t find anything on the market to help. I have been to many back doctors and they would try all types of therapy with electronics and pulsating pads on my back, but it never got any better. I could not use over the counter products since they would actually burn my sensitive skin. Then one day while on Facebook, I saw that you were giving away a free sample of your product from the link on that page, so I tried it, and OH MY GOODNESS...I felt tingling in my back like I have never felt before and then I felt comfort and relief. Now I can finally help my husband with our plumbing business and not worry if I will have to use a heating pad at the end of the day.

So this is where my new journey begins on life, I can do more of the things I couldn’t do before. Ever since you sent me that sample I FELL IN LOVE WITH IT."

Carla Laudando
Mesquite, NV 



"Today I took a mug of coffee out of the microwave and it was too hot to handle. I dropped it and instinctly tried to catch it with the other hand. I keep a bottle of Burn-Jel Plus near the stove, and grabbed it to slather up the scaled hand. I keep Burn-Jel Plus in my car and home. I have never used it on myself until today but I have given away a couple bottles to people in emergencies.

Thank you for making one of the few products that are on my list of things I wouldn't want to live without".

Barry F.
Roseville, MI