R1 Cooling Gel


Water-Jel R1R2 Detail

Item: R130-1.00.000

Inner Pack:  3 boxes
Inner Box Weight: 2 oz. (60g)
Inner Box Dimensions: 5.25" L x 3.0" W x 4.25" H 

Packet Weight: 0.2 oz (6g)

R1 Unit Box Count: 30 pieces
R1 Unit Weight: 6.0 oz (180g)

R1 Cooling Gel is the first step of the full R1 & R2 treatment. It cools, relieves pain and hydrates the skin. When R1 is applied to the skin it provides immediate hydration. R1 includes Lactokine in its formulation, which contains milk-derived protein and factors that assist skin to maintain a smooth and consistent texture.

R1 is best applied immediately after the radiation session. If this is not possible to carry out while at the treatment center, it should be done
once the patient arrives home. A generous layer of R1 is applied over
the irradiated skin, without rubbing in, and left in contact with the treated area for at least 20 minutes. More than one packet may be required per treatment depending on the number of sites affected or the size of areas being treated.

R1 is sold separately or as a combination pack with R2.