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Thanks for keeping me up to date with the Muscle Jel products. It has been worth the wait for the large sizes of Muscle Jel. As an in house massage therapist for an electrical company, I work on several people a day, five days a week. We have a gym for strength and aerobic training for those who wish to participate for their health. So I am kept busy giving them relief for their strained muscles. I have used many kinds of massage creams as well as products to cool and relax the muscles. They all work very well. But I have one problem with many of them. Most use colored dyes. Though the claim is that they do stain, my hands are always green or blue from using it. It doesn't look good. When I saw the Muscle Jel at a convention, and noted it was clear, I was excited. It is what I was looking for. But I wondered if the product would work as well with its pain relief. When I tried a sample of it on my clients, they were very positive about it. They felt it had a deeper, cooler penetrating relief. One commented it did more for them than a competitive product and wanted it regularly. Besides that, those who don't usually want muscle coolants wanted me to use the Muscle Jel because it was clear. I felt this should be a regular product that muscle therapists will find very useful.