Four firemen stand with a fire-hose in hand, putting out a fire.Since our development of the first gel-soaked Fire Blanket, fire professionals have relied on Water-Jel products for a wide variety of emergency situations.         
WATER-JEL was the first company to introduce the water-based gel technology that revolutionized emergency first aid for burns 25 years ago. Since then, we have developed a comprehensive line of first aid products that has set the industry standard for quality. Our Fire Blankets, Burn Dressings, Topical Gels and innovative products like our Facial Burn Dressings have been used by firefighters, police and other first responders worldwide. Many firefighters keep Water-Jel on hand for personal use after a fire to relieve the pain of minor burns on the exposed areas of the skin between jacket cuffs and gloves, on the back of the neck, earlobes, etc.

“On one particular occasion, we had a driver splashed with fuel, and the fuel found an ignition source, which resulted in burns on approximately 30% of his body. We used the Water-Jel product on him, which significantly reduced his pain and suffering. He was then transported to a regional burn center, where he was treated for his injuries."

Craig Clarke
Fire chief for more than 22 years
Motor Sports Safety, Track RescuQ


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Be prepared for any burn emergency with the most versatile burn kit that offers different combinations of Burn Dressings and Fire Blankets for large or minor burns. Perfect for use in work vehicles or hanging on a wall.

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