Doctor helping a woman burned during the london bombing. He is leading her to safety, a WATER-JEL dressing protects her face.WATER-JEL was the first company to introduce the water-based gel technology that revolutionized emergency first aid for burns 25 years ago. Since then, our Fire Blankets, Burn Dressings, Topical Gels and innovative products like our Facial Burn Dressings have been used by paramedics, ambulance corps, first aid and rescue squads, and emergency medical service teams for a wide variety of burn emergencies. Every day, EMTs the world over rely on Water-Jel to relieve pain, cool burns, protect the injuries and prevent further tissue damage.

We are very proud to say that Water-Jel’s Facial Burn Dressing was used to treat a victim of the London bombings in 2005, as was shown on the cover of TIME magazine. She, and countless others who were caught in that horrible disaster, were fortunate, because all vehicles of the London Ambulance Fleet are required to carry Water-Jel Burn Dressings at all times. Having those dressings on board means being prepared for any emergency when seconds count. Many EMS workers in the U.S. also rely on Water-Jel burn products to treat their patients.

Water-Jel treatment does not cause hypothermia.

It is well established that the immediate care of the burn wound should be to PUT OUT THE FIRE AND COOL THE BURN. During transport to the ER, the wound should be kept moist to avoid pain in the more superficial areas and desiccation (drying out) in all burned areas. Moist transport is even more important as the distance traveled becomes greater.

There are concerns about using burn sheets soaked with saline or sterile water because the fast evaporation and repeated wetting not only cause the skin to become cool, but also the patient. This may contribute to hypothermia via evaporative cooling in a poorly managed transport, over a long distance.

Unlike saline- or sterile-water-soaked sheets, Water-Jel does not evaporate. Water-Jel has undergone numerous independent clinical tests, and it has been clinically shown that correct use of Water-Jel does not cause treatment-induced hypothermia in adults or children.  

“All the burns I had were 2nd degree burns, partial thickness. . . . About five minutes after the ambulance crew applied the burn dressings, the burning sensation stopped.”

Thomas Clouser
EMT & Volunteer Firefighter


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