Two men in construction are holding hammers while standing on the wooden frame of a houseAt construction sites, water supplies are often limited, and transportation time to a medical facility may be long, so the availability of Water-Jel is extremely critical.

Small area or minor burns are most commonly caused by welding sparks, torches, hot tools, grinders and cutters. These burn injuries occur frequently and can be treated quickly and effectively with Water-Jel Burn Jel, Cool Jel and small Water-Jel Burn Dressings as part of a durable Water-Jel Burn Kit.

Large area or serious burns occur in areas with risk of fire or explosion, high-temperature environments, hot metal, hot liquid, hot equipment, flame, oil, gas and/or chemicals. Burns also occur in areas of asphalt/road paving and bridge/tunnel work. With serious burns, there is a severe threat of long-term effects or disability. If the potential for such burns exists, it is important to have Water-Jel Fire Blankets and Burn Dressings on hand to effectively care for these severe and potentially life-threatening injuries. Having Water-Jel products at jobsites to treat burns as soon as they occur can result in workers being able to return to their jobs sooner, with fewer lost work hours and fewer lost wages.   

“In the roofing business, accidents can happen and burns can occur from multiple sources, such as hot tar, torches or too much sun exposure. Because of Tri State Roofing’s commitment to the safety and well-being of our team and customers, I always keep Water-Jel burn and first aid products on hand at every jobsite. The products are easy to use and provide immediate relief.”

Stuart Roberts, Owner
Tri State Roofing
NY / NJ / CT


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